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Designing Jewelry for your Wedding


Getting married is a special time in everyones life! In saying that we know you want your jewelry to reflect your style and taste. There are several ways to get ready for that special day!

Picking Stones: The stones are usually the first step of designing those special pieces. The reason is that different mounts look good with certain shapes of stones and certain color stones look better in certain metals. There are so many choices out there today it can be overwhelming. We usually tell the customer to pick up a jewelry magazine or come by and we usually have some we can give you to browse through. Sort of like studying. You’re studying what you like, what you don’t like as well as some possibilities.

The Mounting: Once you’ve selected the type of stone you like then we can start to figure out how you want that stone displayed. We can make the Bride’s & Groom’s match. We can make them to look different yet keep something on them the same to share a similarity of some sort or we can make them completely different. In the end these are your special pieces, we need them to be perfect!

Assembly: Once we’ve got the pieces in place then the assembly will begin. We will mount your stones in the chosen mounting using the appropriate settings or stone setting style you prefer from prong set, bezel set, bright cut, channel set and more!

Custom Design: This is our specialty! Can’t find the mounting you’re envisioning? Or do you like one part of one type of ring and another part of another yet that mounting doesnt exist? It can now! We can start from sketching your ideas on paper and putting our minds together. Once we come up with the vision you have on paper we start carving a wax to make it into a 3D model. That is when your piece starts taking form. You can make changes or not depending if you like it or want some slight changes to make it more your own. Once we’ve come up with the perfect look then the rest of the process is all up to us. We will cast the piece, set the stones and finish it for that special day. If you have any questions about the process just ask!

Accessories: Every bridal party needs accessories! Once you get all your wedding colors picked out, dresses are ordered, tuxes picked, then it’s time to accessorize! Find some fun jewelry to wear. Depending on the style of hair everyone is going to wear you can decide whether you want small earrings, long dangling earrings, petite necklaces, or chunky jewelry. It’s all about style and shows who you are. The accessories are the fun part, enjoy it!

Your wedding date is a very special time of your life. We are here to help with any part of it that we can. If you already have a stone, we can remount it to make it your own. If you have a mounting, we can find you that perfect stone. Even if you have all the stones and enough metal to make that special piece, we can do it. We carry a variety of different accessories for that day to remember. Need help? Just ask!

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